Posted by: Matt | June 5, 2009

The First Cut: May Running Synopsis

Last month I started running again for the first time in a number years. I’ve been focused on doing what I considered the best kinds of running before my accident in 1997 and listening to my body as I try to expand my mileage and improve me speed.  This has been a treat for my body, mind and spirit.  The practice of running is helping me achieve a wholeness I formerly lost sight off, but really missed.

This blog is an attempt for me to catalog the experiences I have while running, refine my technique, and focal point to help me attain some of my goals


On to the summary of what I’ve done.  May was pretty much the first month in which I’ve consistently hit the trail since 1997.  I’ve tried a number of things to keep me running down the trail and for the most part I have very positive feedback to report on these measures.

Injury Free/Distance Later: Rule number one, if it hurts stop doing it before something breaks.  Ok, so you’ll never make progress opening up your chest unless you make it hurt a little and I’m getting old so there are aches and pains, but I’m talking about real pain.  Something you can’t easily ignore.  Living by this rule is really making a difference and the mileage is still coming.  As you can see from the chart above I’m able to regularly able to go further.

Barefoot Running: Yea, yea, it’s the new “thing”, but it’s also a very old thing that has my body operating much closer to its original design parameters.  With cross training and the first rule I can report much stronger feet than I had a month ago.  I know that this renewed foot strength has increased my overall resilience to injury.  In addition it tends to slow my pace and improve my running form.  I’m doing my best to apply the principle to the practice while really listening to the feedback my body will be offering.

Have Fun: So maybe I enjoy this a tad more than most people imagine they might.  Probably not, but this is a deeply personal practice and I’ve resolved to get as much joy from it as I might be able to wring from it.  That means I need to have fun running, this has helped me choose my running routes more than anything.  There’s not much pleasure in running in circles on a track as far as I can recall, for instance.  I’m not racing, I’m playing.  Thus all the trail running.

Ultimately my personal goal is to be able to run all day long, over varied and interesting terrain once again.  I’d like to make some friends along the way, play some games, see some sights, build a better me.

Running Summary of May

Running Summary of May


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