Posted by: Matt | June 7, 2009

Rolf and a Weekend Away

This weekend my son and two friends headed out to the north fork of the Teanaway River here in central Washington. The intent was to get away from civilization for a while, but my secret plan was to facilitate some serious disk golf time. We collected in western Washington and headed over to the river basin early Saturday morning. The sun was out and the sun screen was dawned. And once camp was set up and ready I brought out the plates.

At first it was just Justin and I and we played through eight or nine holes. He’s got an awesome arm on him for being only 12 and was making par pretty much every time we tossed. I was running between pitches and working up a good sweat. The two of use climbed up the hill to the north of our camp site and ran a short circuit together.

When we rolled back into the camp the boredom must have settled in and Eric and Tristan ventured out to see what we were about. Two more drivers were produced and we spent the rest of the afternoon playing through. I lost count of the number of pitches we all threw, but once again we worked out way up the hill, this time making crossing of a little stream which fell down the river nearby.

When we got back everyone was tired, hungry, and happy. Dinner was made and a small fire was struck. We ate and watched the sun go down behind the Stewarts to the sounds of the river rushing nearby and Pine Siskin flitting through the trees.

Sunday morning I woke up with the sun and spent an hour or so running through a yoga routine. The stretch felt really good and doing out there away from everyone and everything allowed me focus on the act.

After the boys were up and moving around I manufactured a simple breakfast. The sun stated to peak through the clouds and we all grabbed a disk and headed up into the hills for three hours of rolf up and down the hill. Eric was gleefully egging me on each time I’d throw and then run after the disk.

Over all it was a very enjoyable weekend with some really fun running in it. Yea, I didn’t get a long run in but there were some miles in that and I had some serious amounts of fun flying after the disks.



  1. I sure miss playing frisbe golf but to do that on the trail is a whole new concept..!! I’d like to see setting up a 25-30 hole course that spans a 10-15 mile trek. I like the runing between hole concept as well, a few extra disks and a bottle of water in your trail pack and you are good to go.

    Are you wearing the running “socks” on the trail there or are you only wearing them on smooth surfaces or loose sand/dirt.?

    • Yea, I barrowed the idea of Rolfing from a book “Fifty Degrees Below Zero” I’m reading at the moment. Conceptually it appealed to me, kind of a primal hunt lacking any real impact. Saturday Justin and I probably covered at least 8 miles and Sunday all four of us did at least that much maybe more. The distance passed underfoot without recognition of the investment of energy necessary to make it happen. Chucking plates accurately and far takes a great deal of mental clock time to maintain so you just don’t think about it.

      I’ve been wearing the foot gloves when I feel like my feet and legs can handle the extra muscle load. My feet in particular get a really meaningful workout when I do. Thus I often switch out to shoes for the following two days. The running surface really doesn’t matter. I’ve been able to run over forest floors littered with fallen trees, deserts with cactus sprouting all over the place, and snowfields. I just don’t get any support from the thing covering my feet.

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