Posted by: Matt | June 19, 2009

Chi, Chi, Chilly Run

I woke up this morning just before the dawn to the sound of rain hitting our metal roof. What an invitation! It wasn’t too hard to quietly rise and ready for the run I was already designing as a special excursion.

Watered and ready the girls and I headed out the door and down the road reviewing the possibilities. The coffee joints in town weren’t yet open and thus this mentation probably occurred at a snail’s pace. I drove to the interstate and pointed the bow of the truck west and toward the high country.

By the time I topped Indian John Hill I was fully awake and could see the clouds blanketing the Stewart range off to my right. The country underneath was getting wet, but there were holes made apparent in the clouds by the bright shafts of bridal veil extending beneath. This had to be the place and a slight course correction was made.

A brief period damp stretching, load up the bag, head down the trail. The last time I ran in this area I came across the other end of the trail system I was now pounding up. Then it appeared to be a more-or-less level lumber road that maintained elevation. This end of the system was all climbing, nothing too steep, maybe 4 to 6%, but constantly up.

I set my watch timer for 15 minutes and tried to keep my run/walk ration at 4 to 1 (running 15 minutes, fast paced walking 5) because the hills weren’t as challenging. Near the end of the third pace period the road I was on dead-ended. I was a little disappointed, but “Hey” I said to myself “now you get to run down the hill.” This seemed at the time like a better idea than cutting through the dense understory cross country.

I turned around and headed back the way I had come. My stride was nice and long all the way down and I’m sure my average speed for the run increased significantly during the last 15 minute block of time. It wasn’t steep enough to really require me to hold myself back yet there was a bit of an advantage all the way back to the truck.

The whole morning was unusually cool, a welcome moment in an otherwise warm and dry summer climate. Really super place to go running.



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