Posted by: Matt | June 29, 2009

First Creek Fast Trek

Early morning fast trek with the girls yesterday. Short, so I wanted to do something with some elevation gain under the trees (it’s been hot lately). Drove up to First Creek trail head, stretched under blue sky, and ran up the trail to where it joins the ORV path. The GPS log on this one went wonky for some reason.

Just a quick comment on this and then I’ll move on. I realize that First Creek trail is open to motorcycle travel between June and October. Being “open” does not mean being open to abuse. Seriously, there are several portions of this trail that are experiencing extreme erosive activity the result of motor bikes traveling over them. There are a couple of spots where the trail traverses the top of a cliff where the trail has eroded away completely because water bars have been bucked and no longer do their intended job.

I’d be happy to work with some of the local riders to replace trail improvements on this section. In fact, I challenge anyone reading this who rides a motorcycle to contact me and make a date. I like this trail and the area and would really hate to see it get closed.

This morning my shoulders and chest are very sore. Really used the poles to good effect, I know that my pace has improved both climbing and descending when I use them. The cost is that my arms and torso get worked in during the run. I should probably take a before picture and an after one since I’ve been doing this so often. Bet I improve overall in a month or two of fast trekking.

Also I picked up some 2 ½ inch webbing and some elastic cord so I can start working on a holster for my GPS. Maybe I’ll start building that today.


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