Posted by: Matt | July 29, 2009

Quickie up Dry Esmerelda Basin

That got your attention, ha! Tess, the girls and I decided that we needed to get up and get out of the heat yesterday afternoon. It was freaky hot down in the valley and there wasn’t even a light breeze to move out all the radiant heat emanating from the ground. We walked out to the truck and looked around for the biggest, baddest cumulonimbus popping off. Yet again, the north fork of the Teanaway River became our destination. It was solidly under a meaningful cloud.

As soon as we got under the cloud (round about HWY 97) the air temperature dropped maybe 10 degrees. All of us were soaking in the cooler temps with the windows down and getting covered in dust as we bounced up the forest service road. Everything looks dry and there is so much drought and beetle kill up this way which is just beginning to show.

We sunk a couple of beers in the creek to cool and headed up the trail. Tess set the pace and we chatted on the climb. The way up Esmerelda Basin is one of our favorite trails because it’s never too steep, often is wide enough to walk side-by-side, and there is plenty to see along the way as you climb up the narrow valley.

The sun was getting really low and we were near the last cat walk just below the pass when we decided to turn around and hustle back to the beers and the truck. The Ingles traverse was glowing brilliant red with the setting sun, and all the monkshood and harebell was popping out in the half light of twilight. A short and super enjoyable trail run.


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