Posted by: Matt | August 7, 2009

Boring but Beautiful

Wednesday evening Tess, the girls and me went on a short but sweet run east of our house along the Iron Horse Trail. This section of the old rail grade is noteworthy not because it’s challenging or particularly memorable. Rather it’s so flat its boring running. There is however trees and bushes full of birds that line the way and we happened to run at exactly the “right” time. The moon rose first casting its light through distant clouds which sat over Sentinel Mountain and Frenchman Hills in the east. Then as we turned around it cleared the clouds and gave us sharp shadows to follow as we worked our way back to the truck.

Iron Horse KMZ

Iron Horse KMZ

There was a moment of excitement when we encountered a skunk. All four of us jumped as the little devil scurried off into the brush and I had to bring the dogs in close to avoid getting sprayed once again. We cleared that soon enough and moved on.

Other than the mileage and the moon there was very little to report, this is what you run when you’re too tired to get up into the hills but want to avoid pavement and sidewalks. I’m only glad that it’s a named trail and counts for the Hike-a-Thon. Yesterday I was a slacker taking a rest day and getting ready for the weekend.


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