Posted by: Matt | February 2, 2010

Something Much Taller Than Myself

Today was full of challenges. Short staff, early morning in the yoke, people not showing up to meetings, delays; you know “challenges”. Nearing ten hours of this voluntary self-abuse I decided that I’d had enough. I needed an honest to goodness physical challenge, and I needed it before the sun went down on this day of crappiness.

I packed my bag and a water bottle, put some shoes on and invited the dogs into the truck. Off we went, south bound to Mile Post 22. Something much taller than myself waiting to be climbed as fast as I could manage, bottom to top today was about 30 minutes of huffing and puffing. The cloud base obscured the top third of the ridge. It was cold, moist, and kind of dark. My lungs burned from the use. And yes, my blood was boiling with the happiness which I can only seem to find running up something much larger than myself.


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