Posted by: Matt | August 3, 2010

Stealing Time

Breaking news, I’m still running this year’s Hike-a-Thon. Bit of a family, we’ll call it, “hiccup” kept me from making it to the trail until this morning. But that’s more or less taken care of for the time being and I made it up to the Crest last night and ran a sunrise route this morning. I ended up choosing to do what the WTA trail guide calls a “wilderness superhighway” for two reasons. First, it’s a pretty hike which I suspected would have a good view of the sunrise. Second, no one else would be hiking it at 4 in the morning so I’d get the whole thing to myself. I drove up to the pass after taking care of some last, last, last minute deliverables at work. The sun was going down and I was pretty tired so I decided to conk out for a bit and make it a morning run. I made dinner and slept in Zeno in one of the Alpental parking lots setting my alarms for oh’dark thirty.

Headlamp on I hit the trail at about 4:30 AM and climbed steadily to the pass into the Snow Lake basin. The photos more or less tell the rest of the story. I’ve been exceptionally happy today.


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