Posted by: Matt | May 12, 2011

The Slow Pace of Getting Fast

Ouch! Tess and I have made a baby. It took us a while and then there’s the inevitable period of time post baby production where you’re focused on fattening up your new little grub so that he becomes more resilient and is better able to deal with all the hurdles life will toss his way. So there has been a break period. I haven’t been running consistently at all. Now I’ve carved out a little time each morning to get out and enjoy the trail and make some miles pass by and it hurts.

It’s a good thing that the spring is so beautiful. The run this morning took me up Robinson Canyon just south of town along the Manastash ridgeline. It’s a pretty common place for residents in the valley to run and hike, but all the trails are steep and some of them could use some work.

The “run” up the hill kept my heart and lungs engaged for the first half of the run. After the first major hill flattened out a bit I found a log and pulled off my pants. I was sweating pretty well already and the cool morning desert air felt splendid as it passed over my legs. Wow! My legs were burning from the effort and my lungs and heart were working overtime to keep me moving up the hill.

At the summit I turned back around needing to make my way back to town and my office. I avoided the uber steep section of trail I had just climbed and chose to descend along a trail that switchbacks its way down to the canal which borders the area along the north.

By the time I made it back to the trail head there were a number of recent arrivals. Super nice trail to run especially when you have it all to yourself. I’ve got to dedicate some serious time to stretching out some of this pain because the running must go on.


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