Posted by: Matt | May 24, 2011

Enabled Lifestyle and the Telework Paradigm

This morning I did not head out to run. I’ve been spending the last few mornings working on my vanagan trying to get ready for an extended road trip east to Colorado, my family, and some trails I haven’t had the pleasure of running in a while. Later, when I came in the house and sat down at my desk to get some work taken care of I happened to read a tweet from @Telesaur about how it’s my responsibility to maintain my relationship with may manager. “Right on brother” was about all I could think of at that moment.

The telework agreement I have with may employer allows me a certain level of liberty I wouldn’t otherwise enjoy. Just the amount of time it would routinely take for me to get and return from work five days a week would make then prospect of waking up early to work on my bus or go trail running unlikely or impossible.

This liberty is by itself my single most valued perk and a pivotal reason I’ll do just about anything to defend and maintain loyalty in my current position. Because I experience this better kind of life style and I value the differences it brings to living I know that I need to do what’s necessary to maintain it’s foundation.

Maintaining a working relationship with management as well as gaining visibility for your contributions with your employer is merely more difficult when you work away from the office. These are common requirements any employee needs to ensure for the sake of longevity.
The difference in my situation is that I have the added factor of that liberty to consider when I consider my future with my current or future employer.

As a result of this I gain a special motivation, beyond the usual desire to keep my employment, I want to keep my lifestyle. Because of those morning runs, the opportunity to work on my car or bike in the morning instead of fighting traffic, or the potential of a long distance trip I am empowered to be proactive in my relationships with managers and coworkers alike. I don’t fear picking up the phone or writing that email.


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