Posted by: Matt | August 3, 2011

Moving Home (for the Trails)

I just celebrated my 20 High School graduation with a reunion. What a hoot, it was a treat to spend an evening with friends that I haven’t seen in long while. Better to drink beer with them. Best to talk about running, trails, injuries and the next big race with them. We also got to talk a lot about what comes next.

Tess and I have decided to move back to Colorado, but there’s more. We’ve been planning on making the move this fall and have been putting things together for a long time to make it happen. We’re going to rent out our place in Ellensburg and we’re not 100% sure what we’re going to do for housing after we move out. Lots of options and we’re playing with them at the moment in an attempt to maximize the experience.

I believe that this move will disqualify me as the Ellensburg Alpine Runner, however, although I’ll still be running. Perhaps more now that I’ll be 100% telework and have a collection of trails out my back door. I’ve been eating up the mileage since we got here in early July that’s for sure.

There are some BIG future trail plans in the works too. My parents live just a hop (skip and jump are not necessary) away from Kokopelli’s Trail. I worked on this trail back in the late 80’s as part of a BLM/SCA volunteer trail crew and there is a smoldering coal in my guts to run these 142 miles sometime soon. Lots of other possibilities too (Imogene Pass, Alpine Loop, Colorado Trail) and I get to lose more of the baby fat too boot.


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