Posted by: Matt | August 26, 2011

New Favorites

I put off my run for yesterday because I was feeling a little beat up and tired on account of moving boxes, packing and unpacking. Procrastination turned out to be a real friend this time around. After getting the family to bed last night I packed a bag and headed out for Turkey Flats. It was really the only place on Glade Park that wasn’t getting carpet bombed by lightning storms so it was top of the list.

I drove up to the west trail head and headed up barefoot with a flashlight in my hand (think my head lamp and a pile of shoes are in storage). There was a trace of rain on the ground, just enough to cool things down and make my calves wet from rubbing against vegetation along the way, but there wasn’t really any mud when I started.

As I climbed the first big hill I heard elk bugle somewhere above. Running with bare feet makes it very easy to run very quiet and with the wind in my face I figured I might get lucky and see a few of that herd. Sure enough when my flashlight illuminated a big park further into the quakeys they all startled and took off down the hill into the cover of trees. Crashing and snorting as they went they left that strong elk smell behind them, I continued up the trail.

By the time I made it to where the trail splits south to Haypress the rain had started in earnest, but it was just starting to get good. I continued my way along Turkey Flats trail encountering some recent trail work and a reroute. I spooked some slow elk just after I passed the trail reroute and headed off down the hill to the Ridge Line road where I turned around.

As I ran back up the trail the rain really started to come down. The mud was sticking to my feet with bits of grass and collecting between my toes. This felt pretty nice actually, but was heavy so I stopped periodically to clear the buildup on rocks.


New favorite = barefoot running at night in the rain through aspen tree groves and lighting striking all around.


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