MSR Hyperflow Microfilter


Pump, pump, pump

Pump, pump, pump

Feature List of the MSR Hyperflow Microfilter

  • High Flow Rate: Pumps more than 3 liters per minute or one liter every 20 strokes.  Now really, this thing can fill up your bottle in record time even when you’re pumping milky glacier melt water.
  • Ultralight: Just 7.4 oz. (209 g).  No batteries included.
  • Ultra-small: Just 7×3.5 in. (17.8 x 8.3 cm) makes it easy to take along even when space is at a premium.  I could be smaller and I’d be happier, but it’s small enough to fit in almost any bag that can carry a water bottle.
  • Field-Maintainable: Can be cleaned repeatedly for flow recovery without tools. 
  • Super Convenient: Quick Connect bottle adapter lets you filter water directly into a variety of containers, including all MSR hydration products and other wide-mouth containers.  Don’t drop the parts in the water you’re trying to filter.

I use this filter whenever it’s more than me.  It is also well worth the weight when water availability are few and far between.  While I sometimes use chemical treatments (and they are lighter) they always take longer than a couple of quick pumps on the Microfilter.

Things to watch out for, the extra cap that comes with the pump to allow a sealed connection between bottles and the pump sometimes comes loose while you’re pumping.  Annoying, but I’ve had it fall into the source stream too and this more or less defeats the purpose of the pump.  Also because the pump is designed to be easily field maintainable it can come apart if you put pressure on it in the wrong direction during a pump stroke.  The stuff sack that comes with it is way overbuilt (two zippers?) and isn’t sized very well.  I need to get a new bag for it or go without.


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